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Matt Warren


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'Music Is My Life'


Press Highlights

“Music Is My Life is superb, thrumming with powerful dance grooves and innovative layers of contagious textured savors. Nu House music will definitely get you up and dancing.”Randall Radic, Tattoo

“Warren returns to the house scene with this breakthrough record that is the first ever Nu House album.  Music Is My Life promises to be groundbreaking with mixes that blend in organic instrumentation with electronic beats.” - My Nguyen, Stars and Celebs

“Get On Up is another song that is easy to imagine filling dance floors at home and internationally, aided with stellar vocals by high flying dance soul diva Ms. Janis McGee. She really accentuates the positive and eliminates the negative, with her performance on this one It is always nice when an artist/producer releases a new project after a long storied career and the new project adds to that legacy. I can think of no better example of this in House Music than Music is My Life by Matt Warren.” - Arnold Cole, BuzzFeed

“Overall this is a solid release. It cannot even be classified as a return to form. Matt Warren has produced great house music at high level since the 1980’s. This is another in a long line of releases that will get people dancing just as Rock It did when it was released. And that is all good.” - Darrell Murray, Medium


“‘Music Is My Life’ is an 11-track album featuring 11 collaborators, vocalists, and musicians that Matt Warren has worked with in the past that help drive the messages and vibes found throughout ‘Music Is My Life’. Described as the first ever Nu House album, Warren expects to take the dance music industry by storm with his soulful house tracks, sultry basslines, and standout vocals.” - Johnathan Wan, Global Dance Electronic

"Music Is My Life is a landmark album that is about to become part of house music’s history. This is nothing new for Matt Warren who released his debut single in 1984, and over the next few years, made history as one the pioneers of Chicago House made history. Now Matt Warren and the multitalented group of musicians and vocalists who recorded Music Is My Life are about to make history all over again. Fittingly, Music Is My Life was recorded in Chicago, where it all began for him in 1985."- Derek Anderson, Derek's Music Blog

“I heard the remake of Beat the Box and in my mind I was already putting my drink and purse on the floor and starting to groove. There is a lot of music to praise on Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life. I liked Musica Es Mi Vida featuring homegirl Pepper Gomez. Hearing Get On Up for the first time made me want to get on up and dance until my heels hurt. It is an impressive addition to any already impressive career. Warren has done it all, selling over 50,000 records of a song independently and touring Europe with sought after residencies. Releasing this new collection that he conceived, all the while engineering, recording, and producing one of the best house records released in over a decade is welcome and needed.” - Kay Kinta, Bored Panda

“Music is My Life (Wake Up! Music ) is a new album by a heritage artist called Matt Warren. It is one of the best sounding dance albums this spinner has heard in a long time. So many artists do not do anything new. This album sounds so new and so fresh, they and I are calling it the Nu House album of the year. “ - DJ Say-Hey


"As promised and after a few good listens I can say this album rocks ma’am!
Personal favs are:
Bang The Box = simply cause I’m an
Acid head
Get On Up = Groovy and funky dancefloor destroyer, killer bassline bizz!
Sometimes = Downtempo subsonic Latino Digi Dancehall Dubz
The Dark Storm = cuz we don't need always a pounding beat to feel the musical emotions
Catch Me If You Can (Disco Mix) = Luv the added Flutes and I have a weak spot for horns in House tracks!"

Bunkerheadz of Netherlands Reviews Music Is My Life



"Music Is My Life is Matt Warren’s first release of his own music in ten years, which has got fans excited. He hasn’t just been sitting around though, he’s kept himself busy by producing, engineering, and remixing for others, and this has given him the time to truly find what direction he wanted his next record to make. He’s opted for an oldskool sound in areas, new-age flourishes in others, and also finds places to show off his talent as a musician, as well as a DJ. How Do I Love Thee starts the record, and we’re thrown straight into the mix. The rtists self-confidence is on show right away as singer and longtime collaborator Pepper Gomez croons out “His name is Matt Warren” in a sultry voice. She does a kind of 90s semi-rap (think off Debbie Harry’s infamous ‘Rapture Rap’) over Matts thumping house beats as playful sounds congregate to make this a full on dance floor filler. The coy and sultry vocals suit the song very well, as your dragged into the house rhythms and strong production. The Way To My Heart’s electronic hand claps lead into thumping beats once more, but its the engineering which sets this track apart, backed up with a brass section and walking bassline that really bring it to life. Matt’s having fun here, and it really comes through in the music. Off-melody vocals and clever singing techniques keep the listener interested, sounding much like a track perfect for pre-drinks before a night out." Jamie Parmenter, Vinyl Chapters



"Another fact is Matt Warren must be considered the cool Uncle of house music. He was there in the beginning. Spinning and writing and recording, then releasing on an independent label some of the foundational tunes of House Music. Highlights on the new album entitled “Music Is My Life”, are collaborations with Sharkeyes, like “Sometimes”, which is a step beyond your normal EDM/House mix. It enters into the realm of what people are calling NU House. House diva Pepper Gomez, pops up on this track and a few others as well, bringing her confident style and familiar sound to some new music. This is particularly effective on “The Way To My Heart”. The mix of live instruments and percussion brings the song to life and it gives the
music an edge that technology just did not have in the 1980s. The question gets asked at the end of the song “Was I Wrong?”. In the case of Matt Warren, making a comeback with “Music Is My Life”, the answer is a resounding “NO!” Matt’s music today
in not wrong. In fact, to this reviewer it sounds just about right for a great night out of sweating on the dance floor. Glad to see him and his peeps back in the spotlight." - T.E. Taylor, Kurrent Music


"Matt Warren Captures the Sounds of Chicago on "Music Is My Life" Matt Warren and the new release, "Music is My Life," is leading the party like a great DJ does, and the audience is following." - Kirby Simmons,


"Chicago Musical Mastermind and Veteran, Matt Warren, is back to revive the world’s senses with nothing short of musical decadence throughout the upcoming release of his full-length album, ‘Music Is My life’. Having the abilities to seamlessly blend instrumental and lyrically intellectual potency into a whirlwind of Nu-Dance/House bliss, gear up to dive into the abyss of ‘Music Is My Life’." - Jessica Golich,


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